Different but Alike Disability Awareness for Kids

Posted on 29. Jan, 2013 by in News

The Adaptables Inc. has designed a 4 week program for regular education classes in the elementary school setting, “Different but Alike” to provide awareness, increase knowledge and provide opportunities to adopt positive attitudes about people with disabilities and reduce bullying.

The program was introduced to all 2nd grade classes at Friedberg Elementary School in Lexington this year. The kids were very excited to learn and participated in a survey of their school for accessibility, interacting with people with disabilities skits, a mini Sign Language lesson and completed a Braille secret code activity.

Each classroom was provided with “Uncle Jim’s Mailbox”, a safe place to ask questions about those with disabilities. Our Executive Director, Jim Whalen, aka “Uncle Jim” answered their questions and the notes were hand delivered to each child.

Here are some examples of the mail “Uncle Jim” received and his personal replies:

“Can people be blind even when there eyes are open?”

Uncle Jim – “Now that’s a super question! Yes they can. Just like a lot of parts in your body your eyes have a lot of smaller parts and if some of them don’t work too well then you might not be able to see even if your eyes are wide open. Some people who are legally blind can see light or colors or shapes but can’t see enough to read regular print. Seeing is pretty complicated thing isn’t it? Keep on learning!

What do people with disabilities do for fun?”

Uncle Jim – “What a fantastic question! I like thinking about fun, talking about fun….most of all I like having fun!

People with disabilities do the same things as other people. Sure a disability might cause a person to find another thing or another way to have fun…but aren’t there a lot of ways to have fun? For example look at all the cool ways to enjoy water sports. You can drive the boat, ski behind it, fly on a human kite behind it etc. I know lots of water skiers who can’t see and some with no use of their legs. I know lots of people with disabilities who like to play cards and computer games. Also, I know some people with disabilities who like to shop, shop, shop!!

Pretty much, it’s about finding different ways of doing the same things as everyone else. Hope this helps


If you are interested in bringing this program to your elementary school, contact  The Adaptables @ 336 767-7060