Uncle Jim Answers Letters from 2nd Graders

Posted on 04. Dec, 2013 by in News, Peer Support

Uncle Jim Answers Letters from 2nd Graders

As part of the Different but Alike second grade disability awareness program, “Uncle Jim” (Executive Director, Jim Whalen) answers letters from second graders.

Uncle Jim photoHere is a great question from Jack P. from Courtney Elementary School in Yadkin County:

“What are all the disabilities?”

Uncle Jim replied with, “Well let’s see – There is lemon, and chocolate, and apple – and don’t forget pumpkin – oh wait, those are my favorite kinds of pies!”

“The truth is there are lots and lots of disabilities. People have written big – really big- and pretty boring books about them too. Do you know what most really big books are good for? Making old people look important (I think). Alright, back to your question”

“There are all kinds of parts and pieces in a body and when one or two of them quit working sometimes you can’t do something in quite the same way as most people and so you might be known as a person with a disability. But then again most of your body parts still work and you can do a whole lot of really cool things with those parts. You know, come to think about it, most people not only think about the disabilities, they think about all the things that people can do and that is a very long list. Can you think of the three things you do best? One is ask very smart questions!”

“How many disabilities? I don’t know. How many things go right every day? I don’t know but sometimes I like to think of that too.”

“Thanks for the monster good question!”

“Uncle Jim”