10 Tips for Valentine’s Day For Students With Disabilities

Posted on 05. Feb, 2018 by in News


  1. Use social stories to prepare children who need preparation
  2. Think about what areas of need your child has (social skills, communication, writing, etc.) and think about how you can incorporate addressing those needs (or practicing) using Valentine’s Day
  3. Ask your teacher ahead of time for the class list, don’t wait for a week before if you need more time. Unless she’s a first year teacher, she will be able to handle the question “How did you handle Valentine’s Day in previous years for children who struggle with…..?”
  4. Think about what your child can and cannot do, as it pertains to choosing, signing and distributing Valentines, and send a note to your teacher. “Dear teacher, we want {name} to enjoy Valentine’s Day this year, and in past years it has been quite stressful and frustrating for her because….. So this year, I think if we do A, B and C….”
  5. Ask your teacher about special diets–food allergies, Type 1 Diabetes, etc.
  6. Better yet, instead of candy, if you must buy a small token gift to go with the Valentine, choose a pencil, eraser or stickers.
  7. Celebrate Valentine’s Day at home, no matter how small your celebration. I get the kids and hubby a card and we have collected a few Valentine’s Day themed books over the years.
  8. Keep in mind the needs of the class or the teacher. Some kids may really struggle with reading and distributing cards with all the other kids’ names on them.
  9. Don’t buy a box or set of Valentines that is mixed if your child struggles with decision making. Find something cute online and print them. Many Valentines are sold in boxes that have an assortment of 4-6 different cards, and if your child really will want to send a particular card to a particular classmate, don’t buy items that give them that option. Buy or print 25 of the same card. Or plan to use this activity to work on making decisions (in a timely manner!).
  10. It goes without saying, but make sure they give a card to every child.