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Some of the most debilitating barriers to people with a disability are not physical but rather attitudinal. The Different but Alike program informs and educates young people before attitudinal barriers are established. The program is delivered to regular education classes in the Elementary school setting to provide awareness, increase knowledge and provide opportunities to adopt positive attitudes about people with disabilities and reduce bullying.


During the Different But Alike Program, children are given the opportunity to ask questions about people with disabilities.

We have compiled questions and answers into this book, “Letters to Uncle Jim, Everything You Wanted to Know About Disabilities but Were Afraid to Ask.” The children’s handwritten notes are included along with illustrations by Daniel Moody.

This book shows that children understand that there are “different” ways to do things but they don’t make the mistake of thinking those ways are somehow not as good as the ways other people do things. The questions they ask are not “if” people with disabilities can do this or that, they ask “how can this or that be done?”

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